The most elite and elegant pedicure you will ever experience! This elevated pedicure includes a golden leg mask that reduces fine wrinkles, tightens skin, increases elasticity and leaves the skin feeling radiant by supplying it with essential minerals.
This is a personalized pedicure service performed by a Certified Master Pedicurist, using advanced foot care products that contain anti-bacterial ingredients for optimal care to those who have nail/foot issues and need someone who will provide careful attention to detail.
Our most popular pedicure! This service includes detailed nail care, leg and foot massage techniques that improve circulation, a hydrating leg mask with warm towels and callus heel treatment (which is great for anyone who is on their feet all day).
Indulge in a deep cleansing pedicure that includes leg and foot exfoliation, nail care and a heel hydrating mousse.
This Anti-Aging Manicure can be described as a facial for your hands. It includes skin exfoliation, nail and cuticle care, an advanced anti-age serum with light therapy that helps any aging or dehydrated hands.

This Spa Manicure is a natural service that includes nail shaping, cuticle hydration, and a massage for the hand and arms.
The B/S Brace System is a NON-Surgical, corrective procedure that will eliminate pain and help correct the curvature of the nail.

Barefoot is for any woman or man who wants to cosmetically restore their toenails to a beautiful natural state. Prices range based on time and amount of restoration needed.
Anti-Aging Manicure
Spa - Manicure
Barefoot Toenail Reconstruction
Involuted Nail Correction Brace
Indulgent Luxury Pedicure
Basic Exfoliating Pedicure
24k Gold Pedicure
Advanced Foot Care
Master Pedicurist Emily Nelson exclusively at Elena Costa A Lux Salon
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Elite Feet
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NEW* Hemp Beauty Pedicure
This new Hemp Beauty Pedicure is in infusion of pure CBD, muscle relaxing pain cream, that deepens your relaxation and replenishes the skin. It is a growing service offered in some of the most elite spas in the country. The CBD enriched formula relieves aches, pains and reduces inflammation felt in the legs and feet. This is an optimal service for anyone with everyday muscle tightness or is constantly standing for work or their lifestyle.