Emily Marasco,
Certified Master Pedicurist

Hi! My name is Emily Marasco. I am the founder and owner of Elite Feet & Studio. I have twenty years in customer service and started my career in business. I graduated with my BAS and started working at a spa were I quickly fell in love with the this beauty industry.

While I started my Cosmetology journey offering hair, skin care and nails I noticed that there were a lot of people searching for something "more" when it came to their pedicures. Then something happen, individuals who were diabetic, auto immune compromised or even some with just issues with their nails or feet, started saying things like:

"You seem to really care."

"I feel safe when you do my pedicure. Everything is so clean."

This began the path that lead to me wanting to offer a service, actually an experience that is like no other. I wanted, I needed to learn more. Now, years later I am a Certified Master Pedicurist. I am oncology and diabetic trained. I have years of experience in advanced foot care and massage techniques.


This is my passion! This is my calling. I care about your feet, your relaxation and most importantly your overall safety! What I offer is more than "just a pedicure." 

I am working behind the chair full time but you can also find me teaching other nail technicians how to care for their guests and run their business successfully.

**Because of this busy schedule, at this time I am very limited in my ability to take new guests. You may contact us if you would like to be added to our waitlist. 

- Emily Marasco

Owner of Elite Feet & Studio


Kate Titus,
Advanced Nail Technician

Hello! My name is Kate Titus and I am an Advanced Nail Technician at Elite Feet & Studio. I proudly offer services that care for both hands and feet. I started Cosmetology school years ago (fun fact: Emily was the first person that I met when I was in school). Anyway, I first though that my passion was going to be as a hair stylist but when we were assigned the nail portion I found myself wanting to know more. 

Then years later, after starting a family, I got the opportunity to work with Emily at a local spa where we sat side by side learning and growing together. Then she told me that she was opening her own business and asked if I wanted to work with her. I couldn't think of anywhere I would want to be. My mentorship with Emily these past few years has made me raise the bar and standards that I hold for this industry. She is the reason that I am still a nail artist today! 

My speciality is my attention for detail in natural nail care. I believe that the health of your nail is equally as important as the beauty of the polish. Your safety is my highest priority and I care about your comfort. I look forward to pampering you at Elite Feet & Studio.