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Elite Level UP
Mentorship & 

Emily Marasco, Owner of The Studio at Elite Feet is excited to bring you education opportunities launching Elite Feet Level UP Mentorship & Education! We are also partnered with Centre for Beauty, PodoSafe, Erica's Ata, LCN, SaSha' and more to offer a wide range of products, tools and overall business courses. 
Centre For Beauty
Emily has been working with Cj, owner of Centre for Beauty, for years and works closely with the majority of the foot care products she offers. She works side by side with CJ at events such as the Nail Tech Event of the Smokies & Premeire International Beauty Events. Emily is available at these events both in the classroom as well as offering hands on demonstrations of a large variety of foot care techniques and product application.
**Check out dates of in person shows and education below.**  

Erica's ATA
Emily is an educator and advocate with Erica, owner of Erica's ATA, safe pedicuring when it comes to efiling. She is constantly sharing her passion and techniques for advanced efiling behind the chair such as diabetic pedicuring, thick and rough callusing, waterless pedicures and more. 
Elite LEVEL UP Training & Mentorship
Customized Education & Curriculum with Emily 

The Elite LEVEL UP training is designed and customized to inspire you in your career as well as to help you have the necessary tools to reach the next level in your business. 

This training is personally tailored to fit the needs of anyone looking for mentorship. There are four different categories within the Elite LEVEL UP Mentorship: 
Mark Your Calendar
2023 Elite LEVEL UP Dates

January 30th - In Person - St. Pete, Florida - Efiling Pedicure Techniques
In person Efiling pedicuring class at Centre for Beauty. This class includes a new LCN efile as well as bits for pedicuring. It will cover efile basics to start and finish with advance techniques such as thick callusing and overgrown nails. *Seats are limited! Click on link to book directly with CJ at Centre for Beauty*

February 20th - LIVE Zoom Group Session - LCN UREA Pedicure Products 
This online 60 minute class will teach you about each of the products in the LCN Urea Line that is used at Elite Feet & Studio. You will learn the behind the scene techniques that Emily uses in every pedicure. This is the perfect class for someone starting out with the LCN line or is wanting to know more and how to market this type of service.  *Live zoom sessions normally sell out. Don't wait! Click on link below to book*

March 20th - LIVE Zoom Group Session - The Business of Pedicuring 
Did you know that Emily started out offering $25 pedicures in a commission spa and now owns her own studio with a team of women and offers pedicures that start at $150. Success doesn't happen overnight. It took hard work and perseverance paired with business strategies that built a 6-figure pedicure business. *Click on link below to book*

April 24th - LIVE Zoom Group Session - How to go from Basic to Elite? 
As one of my own mentors have said before, "A pedicure is a pedicure, is a pedicure." so what makes you stand out? In this zoom, Emily will talk about how she built her brand and reputation. She will mentor in many of the ways that you can start to grow your business not just your passion or hobby. *Click on link below to book*

June 3rd - In Person - Daytona Beach, Florida -
Certificate of 
Completion in Elite Pedicuring with Emily Marasco
Elite Feet & Studio is excited to finally announce a hands on class working directly with Emily learning her pedicuring techniques and practices. Upon completion of this course you will receive a Certificate of Completion in Elite Pedicuring as well as an Elite LEVEL UP Success Workbook. *Class will be maxed out at 6 attendees. It WILL SELL OUT! Click on link below to book*

June 4th & 5th - Orlando, Florida - Premeire Orlando International Beauty Event
Premeire Beauty Event is a trade show that gathers venders, educators, influencers and attendees alike to shop, learn and love the energy we receive from this industry. Emily will be working with CJ at Centre for Beauty offering demonstrations of many foot care products and tools such as LCN UREA and Sa'sha' Callus Treatment. Tickets are required for admission to the show but education with Emily at the event are free!

July 9th - Gatlinburg, TN - Nail Tech Event of the Smokies
The Nail Tech Event of the Smokies is trade show like no other in the way that it was created to be all about nail techs. It is the only USA nail show that is solely open to licensed nail techs. It is not open to the general public, influencers, or non licensed nail lovers. Tickets are required for admission to the show.

*Check back for additional classes and future dates for events and mentoring*
- Group Trainings on Site, in Person -
This is recommended for owners who want to train their entire staff or for a group of individuals wanting to learn the same topics. Highly recommended for certificate of completions in hands on technical learning 
- Group Trainings Online via Zoom -
This is an easy way to cover several topics and trainings with more than one person

- One on One in Person -
Some individuals need that face to face attention and training. This Elite LEVEL UP mentoring can be facilitated either at The Studio at Elite Feet (located in Daytona Beach, FL) or at your place of business for optimal connivence. This is the best option for Elite Pedicuring Certificate of Completion as well as hands on techniques such as massage, efiling and more. 
- One on One Zoom - 
 The easiest way to change the future is by starting today and setting up an hour one on one zoom session is the best way to start your journey. Zoom sessions are designed to be quick and easy but full of impactful information specifically for you and your business. 


Elite Level UP Mentorship/Education 

Thank you for taking the time to inquire about Elite Level UP Mentoring & Education. I am looking forward to the opportunity of working with you. 


Elite Feet Affiliates 
Elite Feet is affiliated with and offers training from her experience with following companies: Centre For Beauty, Erica's ATA, SaSha' Callus Treatment, LCN, PodoSafe


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