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Emily Marasco, Owner of The Studio at Elite Feet is excited to bring you education opportunities launching Elite Feet Level UP Mentorship & Education! We are also partnering with Centre for Beauty, PodoSafe, Erica's Ata, LCN, SaSha' and more to offer a wide range of products, tools and overall business courses. 
Elite Feet Level UP Mentorship & Education - One on One Private

This training is designed and customized to help you be inspired in your career as well as to help you have the necessary tools to reach the next level. Before we begin on this journey, I would like to get to know a bit about you, your goals and your expectations from this mentorship program. My dream for you in the process of this program is that you would feel equipped, confident and excited about the road map for the future. You taking the initial steps to want more in your career and life is exciting and I am honored to be a part of the journey. 

This mentorship is customized to your needs. Zoom calls are set up in one hour increments. It is recommended to schedule 3-6 sessions. 

Face to face training is also available. Hands on training will include six hours of techniques and can be formatted in any combination of hands-on, written, one on one questions and guidance. In person training normally takes place at the Studio in Daytona Beach, Florida however Emily is also available to travel to you, your team and your business if needed. 

Elite Feet Level UP Seminars - Located at Premiere International Beauty Events 

Several times a year, Elite Feet works with CJ at Centre for Beauty offering classes and hands on demos about products, techniques and tools. Follow us on Instagram to see dates and times of events. 
Elite Feet Affiliates 
Elite Feet is affiliated with and offers training from her experience with following companies:
Centre For Beauty 
Ericas ATA
SaSha' Callus Treatment


Elite Level UP Mentorship/Education 

Thank you for taking the time to inquire about Elite Level UP Mentoring & Education. I am looking forward to the opportunity of working with you.